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The Union of Professional Business Graduates in Finland (TRAL) is a trade union for professionals with a Bachelor of Business Administration or a Master of Business Administration degree.

TRAL represents and provides services to its members in matters related to working life and employment relationships. TRAL promotes business administration education and the career development of business graduates. The union has nearly 30,000 members.

Professional business graduate profile

Women 68%
Men 32%
Average age 35 years
Average length of employment 6.6
Average salary EUR 3,381 / month

Private 87,4%
Public 10,3%
Associations 2.3%

Management 3.5%
Middle management 15,3%
Experts 46,3%
Clerical employees 34,9%
Entrepreneurs or self-employed individuals 0.2%


Benefits and services for you

Make the most of your membership!

As our member you have a wide-range of services at your disposal.  You can make use of the benefits along your career, not just in problem situations. TRAL is the only union in Finland that focus exclusively on improving BBA`s value in the labor market. Along with the collective lobbying we offer personalized services to our members in work related and career issues.

You can become our member when studying and stay as a member your whole career regardless of the changes at your position or working sector.
After retirement you can continue your membership as a retired member.

Membership fee includes all services and benefits. Check out the details in membership guide.